Recovery and Debt Restructuring

What do I do if my business is in trouble?

If you feel like your business is in financial trouble then set up a meeting with us here at Harney Nolan.

The first thing we will do is assess your situation and evaluate the extent of the issues.

If it is possible we will work with you to come up with a recovery plan to try to turn things around.

In the event that it is not possible to overcome the company’s difficulties, James & Tony have extensive knowledge and expertise in the area of Insolvency.

Other services in this area include:

  • Members Voluntary Liquidation- This may be used in a situation where a company has accomplished its objective and is solvent. A Members Voluntary Liquidation can be a tax efficient way to extract funds from a company on the cessation of a trade.
  • Creditor’s Voluntary Liquidation- This may be used where an insolvent company voluntarily enters into Liquidation.